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    The quickest way for shippers and carriers to discover and connect to each other.

    Shipper can find their carriers with the best prices on Freight Finder Platform in less than 24 Hours.

    Carriers (Truck, Air, Rail and Ship) can find their nearest cargo by registering on Freight Finder.

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    Challenges for

    I have an unexpected need of carry my goods.

    Gathering offers from multiple providers is

    I have to ship a small volume and I can't find an affordable shipping solution.

    Solutions for

    You can find the reliable carrier in less than 24 hours at Freight Finder platform.

    In 24 hours you can compare offers and buy reliable and binding contracts.

    Simply list your cargo and our system will help you find a consolidation opportunity.

    Challenges for

    My ship, truck, airplane and wagon is being under utilised.

    Profit projections are negative as Brokers take a significant margin.

    Finding customers is more challenging.

    Solutions for

    List your ship, truck, airplane and wagon and update its location. Freight Finder will find the optimal cargo for you.

    You can find cargo without a cargo broker and increase your profits.

    You will be able to search through all the freight quotation requests from shippers.

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